Sunday, August 19, 2007

Drunk on duty...

... not me, I hasten to add. One of the people I share(d) the roster with has been 'removed' from duty due to numerous occasions in which they've turned up smashed. I know this is a cruisy, laid-back gig but turning up half-cut is never a good way to keep the job for long!

Was asked to go full-time in replacement. Turned it down - I've got too much going on. Am really getting into the copywriting side of things now (something I do on the side) and may even be able to negotiate a speaking arrangement in Malaysia in September on a niche area of Internet marketing that I'm gradually developing some expert knowledge in!

Getting a decent income for the moment - fingers crossed it stays that way for the moment. Need to have enough in the bank to make a dent in the debts in the UK I have to pay off still. And then there's the flights costs to pay upfront for the upcoming speaking events, which are likely to be re-imbursed when we make enough sales of IM products (and the guy I work for normally ALWAYS makes a good profit at each event).

With the AFL season coming to a close the availability of hours on weekends is likely to shift from the main stadium to another stadium as the football (read: soccer) season starts up. At this time of year there's enough events to keep people in guarding and crowd control jobs anyway. And no job I've worked before or since has compared to the mayhem of Melbourne Cup day. Thank God I won't have to deal with that one again - nowhere can be as bad as the casino on that day! Might end up working one of the racecourses dotted around the place - up in the VIP area with luck. Or maybe I'll be off in another country at a marketing seminar - will have to check the calendar...

Speaking of the old place, my new housemate had her head rammed through a glass window and then hit against a wall by a particularly angry patron one Saturday night a few weeks back. No wonder that place gets bad press for the sheer amount of trouble that goes on and the complete inability of their security team to stay on top of things. I keep going on about the place and sound bitter, but I just found it astounding that I was assaulted twice (relatively minor in both cases) in the police in nearly three years service, yet was assaulted at least once a month whilst working at the old place, and that was just in five months!


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