Thursday, August 09, 2007

Security in an upmarket world...

Well I've gone from dealing with the general dregs of society who frequent the casino to upmarket wine bars and high-profile events.

Thanks to a combined effort of two casual jobs plus copywriting work on the side, I'm earning far more than I would have done in the Air Force; double what I was on at the casino and with fewer hours and less risk.

Pressed charges against the idiot who assaulted me (wasn't connected and the threats never had anything in them).

I love the wine bar - it's a great place; excellent wine and decent people who go there. I've never had any trouble and have befriended some of the patrons, all of whom are well-to-do and very personable.

To keep my hands in the action I goto a nightclub in the main district after the wine bar. Even there the worst nights do not compare to the casino. Further, should any trouble arise we deal with them as required - up to and including chokeouts if worst comes to worst. I've only done a handful of physical removals there over a course of months (compared to the casino where it was at least one or two a night on a quiet night) and have been able to talk down most people. Saw one guy get tasered, which was quite amusing.

A more detailed blog over the weekend - pretty tired from standing on the door for a classical music concert. God it's hard work! :P


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